We can pull it off by Suresh Taneja

A book review that I should have done a while ago. This is the first requested review that I have done.

‘We can pull it off’, is author Suresh Taneja’s debut book, and is about corruption, which is something the author is passionate about tackling. The book is even more appealing given the fact that corruption is something that just about everybody agrees, is one of the biggest problems that India is facing today. Eradication of corruption could effectively resolve most of the other problems that India faces today.

The book starts off in 2030, where a group of four friends(G4), are meeting up in America. An America where Indian brands and India itself seems super-powerful. The story goes back and forth between 2009 and 2030, tracing out the revolution that changed India and helped make it the most powerful country in the world.

The four friends,Vikram, Yuvika, Manisha and Akshay  whose parents were close-knit friends themselves, came across instances of corruption that made them realize how badly corruption affected life in India. How the innocent could be framed. justice denied and life could be made complicated by corruption. They decide to tackle it and come up with an idea to eradicate it completely. They harness the youth to tackle corruption and change the way India looked at things.

The concept behind the book is excellent. The author’s passion for the subject is evident in his writing. The book is fast paced and a very quick read. Despite all these factors, the book did not work for me. It fell flat. There was something missing. The story seemed too easy. too good to be true and it could certainly do with better editing. Spelling mistakes, grammar, cheesy dialogues and some unnecessary sequences/events made me cringe a few times. It could have been a more hard-hitting book had it been edited better. While the intention of the author is commendable. one can’t help wish the story was etched out better.

As it is,I would give it a 2.5 overall, which is a pity because it is on a subject that really matters today.