The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani

I got introduced to Trigiani’s books over 10 years ago. I think Big Stone Gap was the first I read, and have been hooked ever since. They’re different, her books. The characters vivid and the descriptions beautiful. I try to get hold of her books as soon as then are released, but don’t always get hold of them as quickly as I would like, though. Also, I just realized that I have never reviewed any of her books so far.

showmaker's wife

I had my eyes on this one for a while now, and when I saw it on the library shelves, I just jumped on it.

Ciro and his brother, Eduardo grow up in a convent, in the beautiful Alps. They plan their future lives in the mountains, but circumstances take the brothers to two different parts of the world.

Enza, the eldest if her siblings is a mature, smart girl when she first meets Ciro, when he was still at the convent. Their first meeting, short but full of passion stayed just that when Ciro gets sent away from the convent and they lost touch with each other. Ciro reaches America, and sets off to make his fortune as a shoemaker’s apprentice.

Unknown to him, Enza and her dad, land up in America as well, forced by circumstances. Enza struggles to earn her keep and send money back to her mother, until she  then lands up with a wonderful job, with people who cared deeply about her. Both of them live an immigrant’s life in America, their hearts pining away for the hills they left behind, America of the early 1900s described beautifully through their lives.

Their story as they work hard, grab at opportunities, and come together finally, is a beautiful tale. Their emotions, their passions, the hardships they suffer is vividly described, as is the beauty of the Alps and America through their eyes. It made me want to go visiting this part of Italy. How gorgeous she makes it all sound! Her descriptions are just divine. A sweeping  epic tale of Ciro and Enza’s love, family bonds, friendships and dreams.  The story was apparently inspired by her grandparents’ story, and I think it made it really special. There were bits which made for slow reading, but all in all, a lovely book.

Edited to add: As per Scribby’s suggestion, this is a 4/5 read.

Have any of you read this book? How did you find it?


8 thoughts on “The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani

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  2. I have been waiting to lay my hands on this book. It’s so expensive in India, it has been putting me off from buying it. Sometime later, I will! 🙂

    I read a couple of books by Adriana Trigiani of late. I agree, she has a beautiful way of describing things. I loved Lucia, Lucia the most out of what I read. Have you read it? Also read Big Stone Gap (didn’t like it at all) and Queen of the Big Time (it was good, but not great).

    BTW, have you read Anita Shreve? What do you think of her writing? Which book of hers would you recommend?


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