New Discovery – Dorothy Koomson

Starting a new book blog seems to have got all my creative ideas flowing. I seem to be bubbling over with ideas. I just hope they stay in my brain long enough for me to jot them down.

One of the things that I want to do is have a section on the new authors(new for me), that I have come across and have loved. I might even do mini reviews of their books in the post. Or maybe link up the reviews I have already done.

Dorothy Koomson is today’s author. I came across her books in Goodreads. Somehow they had never crossed my path before. Needless to say, I’ve loved her writings. So far, I’ve read two of her’s Marshmallows for Breakfast and The Cupid Effect. While I enjoyed Marshmallows For Breakfast far more, both stories had been different, and page turners in their own way. Gripping storylines, very interesting characters.

I’m reading The Ice Cream girls by the same author, and am finding it just as gripping. I’ve just started the book though.

So tell me, have you read her books? How have you found them? And which book would you recommend of hers?

5 thoughts on “New Discovery – Dorothy Koomson

  1. Never heard of the author! Thanks to you, I got to know of some delicious-sounding books. 🙂 What are the books about?

    I love the idea of writing about the new authors that you discover. I was thinking of doing something very similar on my blog today. You beat me to it. 🙂


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