The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson


Poppy Carlisle and Serena Gorringe were the ice cream girls. As teenagers, they had been embroiled in a murder case and a glamorous picture of theirs eating ice cream had been published, dubbing them the ‘ice cream girls’.

The trial resulted in Poppy being found guilty of murder while Serena was found innocent. Years later Poppy has finally been released from prison, and she is on a mission. She wants to make the real killer, Serena, confess and clear her name. Serena, on the other hand, had put it all behind her, and is leading a normal middle class life. Her husband doesn’t know that she was one of the Ice Cream girls, she would rather keep it that way. Bringing the past back would make her life a living hell. But would Poppy allow her that? What happens next? You have to read it to find out. The one thing I can reassure you is that you wouldn’t be able to put it down.

How did I find it? It was a great book. It explores such a scary issue and in a great way. The ways in which young teenagers could be vulnerable to influences and how easy it is take advantage of them. To elaborate anymore would take away from your enjoyment of the book.

The book is written from Poppy and Serena’s perspective and goes back and forth in timelines as well. The stark difference in Poppy’s and Serena’s lives are brought out so well, when the narratives change. Amidst all the turmoil in her life, Serena is a mother who lives a very regular life, and its so easy to identify with her and her concerns. It builds up very well, and ends very well too. I actually liked the ending. It was realistic although I did read reviews where people were disappointed by the way it ended. In a lot of ways it’s also an education, in how easily things could go wrong. Both Poppy and Serena were just regular youngsters, until everything went all wrong.

It’s a beautiful book, handling a very tough subject, and I think Koomson handled it very well. If you do pick up this book, do keep a box of tissues handy, because if you are anything like me, you’ll have tears pouring down.

I give it a 5/5.

16 thoughts on “The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson

  1. The premise of the book sounds very interesting, and scary, too. However, I don’t think I would enjoy reading this book.

    The title of the book led me to think that this would be chick-lit. I was so wrong! 🙂


  2. The book is waiting for me to pick it up from the library. Hopefully today :). Thank you for the book reviews. They are great and introduce me to new authors instead of the same ones that I pick up. I’m currently reading a Mary Higgins Clark book which is part mystery, part Dan Brown-ish and part predictable (if you have read other books of hers).


  3. The lost years. Have you read that? It was okay but if you have read quite a few of her books then you can predict the end. I read it because at that time I didnt have any other books with me. Have to wait till saturday to collect my books because of changes made to library timings owing to budget cuts..:(.


    • No, I don’t think I have. Oh dear! I hate when I run out of books. These days, because I am not working, I get more time to get hold of books from the library.


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