A book blog would be incomplete without a mention of Shakespeare, wouldn’t it?

Well, I have been lucky, to get to do more than just a mention. But, lets  come to that later, shall we?

When I think back on the various books I’ve encountered in my life, I also like to look back in wonder at the ways in which they came into my life. While in school, most of them came recommeded by teachers and some from excerpts or mentions in Reader’s Digest. Yes, these were those days before the internet. And some that I picked up on a lark from my school library, which by the way, has to be among the best I have been to. Or atleast in those days, it felt like that, and it did have a wonderful selection of books.

Shakespeare, on the other hand, was something I would have never picked up in a library. Of that I am sure. I really have the ICSE board to thank for introducing me to the Bard. And what an introduction it was! Julius Caesar and the Macbeth! Making me fall in love with his plays. Some I read in the original form, some I read in the abridged version. And enjoyed them all. Of course, I did have amazing English teachers who brought Shakespeare’s words alive and made me yearn for more.

Those days came back to me yesterday. Walking through Stratford-Upon-Avon, the place where Shakespeare was born, lived and died. It made me want to go and read Shakespeare again. I can only hope that Daughter gets to enjoy Shakespeare’s works as much as we did.

It was a fascinating experience. Complete with restored houses from the time Shakespeare lived here, to actors enacting portions from some of his plays. More of it coming up in the travel blog, but for now, let me leave you with this.


Any guesses what it might be?


10 thoughts on “Shakespeare

  1. Wow, that sounds great! There are so many such places in the UK, right – places of tourist interest specifically dedicated to British authors? There are even literary tours that take you to these places, with a guide and all, I have heard. Would love to visit these places whenever I am there. Someday…

    I am ashamed to say I haven’t read any Shakespeare. I should, I know. 😦


    • UK is great in that way. They have preserved a lot of things the way it was, and restored a lot of homes, belongings etc. It all adds to the experience. You should. You so should come here.

      As for reading Shakespeare, I can assure you that the only reason I ended up reading was because we had it in school. Might have been a bit too heavy for me to start otherwise. That, and the fact that I had some wonderful English teachers who made it such a wonderful experience.


    • 🙂 Guess it is different tastes, different people. I had some wonderful teachers who introduced us to classics, and I loved them. Yes, I don’t read them on a regular basis or anything, but I have enjoyed them.


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