Usbourne Pocket Science Collection(Set of 24)

I don’t normally review children’s books. Mainly because I don’t read as much to daughter any more. She loves reading by herself, and frankly, I like more this way to. I know, lazy me, but it is so much fun for both of us to be lounging on the sofa, or in bed, just before bedtime, completely engrossed in our own books.


As I said, I don’t normally review her books, but one collection that she has, I felt was worth the review. There are 24 titles in this collection, and each of them address commonly asked questions by the children. Each of these are written in an extremely simple and yet, very informative manner, which appeals to a child reading it. Daughter loves them all. She reads all sorts of books, and fascinated by science, so the topics really appeal to her.  She picks them up, reads them and remembers the stuff, and asks more questions, which is what it is all about, isn’t it? The titles in this book are

  • Science Experiments with Light and Mirrors
  • What Makes it Rain?
  • Where Does Electricity Come From?
  • What Makes a Flower Grow?
  • What Makes People Different?
  • Where Did Dinosaurs Go?
  • Where Does Rubbish Go?
  • What’s The Earth Made Of?
  • Why do People Eat?
  • How do Animals Talk?
  • Science Experiments with Air
  • What makes a Car go?
  • Where do Babies come from?
  • What’s Inside You?
  • What makes you ill?
  • Science Experiments with Magnets
  • Why is Night Dark?
  • What’s Under the Sea?
  • Why do Tigers have Stripes?
  • What’s out in Space?
  • What’s under the Ground?
  • How does a Bird Fly?
  • How do Bees make Honey?
  • Science Experiments with Water

We picked it from Bookpeople, about 2 or 3 years ago. I don’t actually remember when, but it has been one of those books that has never gone out of favour with daughter.

Each topic is handled in a very comprehensive way, while keeping things at a level which makes it easy for a child to understand. I think Daughter was around 5, when she first read it, and the details provided are so interesting, that she still reads them. This page in What makes you ill?, for instance, addresses what germs are, and how they impact us, making us ill.


The illustrations are really good as well, helping a child visualize something that is not so easy to visualize. Check out this.


I particularly liked the book on ‘Where do babies come from?’. It address a topic that most of us worry about discussing with our children. This has some very simple ways of explaining it all, and it seemed to have quenched Daughter’s curiosity.

I could go on and on, but then as you can see, there are 24 books. Why go on and go, when I could just tell you to try it out 🙂 We love it, and hope you do too. And I forgot to mention, they are not big or bulky. They are really slim, so I found it very useful to grab a few whenever we are traveling. It really helps because of the wide variety of topics, daughter is never bored. And I can fit them even in my handbag, without breaking my back. What more could I ask for?

This review has been cross-posted at the Indian Moms Connect. Do check it out for an amazing spread of parenting resources.


11 thoughts on “Usbourne Pocket Science Collection(Set of 24)

    • I read your review, TGND. The phone did not let me comment. Will comment when I get a chance to log on to the laptop:) The book on Madame Tussaud is already on my list 🙂


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