By My Side by Alice Peterson

A book I picked up on a lark, assuming that it would be a typical chick-lit. Little did I know how different it would be.


Cass, a twenty three year old medical student, has everything to look forward to in life. An exciting career, a wonderful boyfriend, a full life, when a freak accident changes her life completely. She is paralysed from waist down, the boyfriend disappears, leaving just a note, and she can’t think of the future. The everyday things that she once took for granted were huge obstacles for her now. Her family tries their best to keep her spirits high, but it isn’t the easiest task.

Frustrated with her condition, and feeling helpless and depressed, Cass needs help and quick. Ticket, a guide dog, turns out to be Cass’ savior. Having Ticket in her life, she suddenly starts to feel more independent. She slowly turns her life around, one day at a time. She starts interacting more and soon meets up with Dom and Guy, friends she had made while at the hospital. Cass, finally starts to live again. Having Ticket in her life, gives her the push that she needed. She starts to feel independent and even ends up traveling to Colorado to ski. It is Cass’s story but it is also so much more. The book takes you through an unbelievable journey. The sadness, the desperation, as well as the determination to live a full life. It had me in tears, so many times.

The book is written so well, capturing the lives of people with disabilities like these. Such a tough life, and yet, it is portrayed with so much compassion and empathy that it was a beautiful read. For me, it was such an insight to the lives of those with such disabilities. So many things that we take for granted, are such a huge deal for them, and yet to be positive and live a full life, seems so wonderful. Cass is such a lovely, real, believable character, and so are the others in the book. Every character rings true, and the emotions that they go through, the turmoil and the confusion, at various stages, are so understandable. I love the way the author has handled such a difficult topic. It can’t have been an easy story to write, to get under the skin of a protagonist in a condition like this, and I felt that she did a brilliant job.

The book has the right mix of compassion, humour and seriousness. It was a great, positive book to read. I couldn’t put it down.This was my first Alice Peterson book, but it certainly won’t be the last I would read of hers.

About the author
Alice Peterson is the author of three very popular books. At the age of eighteen Alice had been awarded a tennis scholarship to America when she experienced pain in her right hand. It was rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and she hasn’t picked up a tennis racket since, a sadness that shall always be with her.The theme of disability features in her fiction, but there is nothing gloomy about Alice or her work. Rather this gives her fiction the added dimension of true poignancy.

This book is available from Amazon(UK).

6 thoughts on “By My Side by Alice Peterson

  1. This sounds very interesting, something right up my alley. Wishlisting it.

    I’m sure you would like this book. It is such a positive, brave book..

    Have you read John Green and Julian Barnes, BTW? Have been coming across a lot of reviews for their books of late, and have been tempted to pick them up.
    I haven’t actually. Let me keep a look out for them, as well.


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