Books, Reviews, Challenges and Wishes

I don’t do New Year Resolutions. I never find some thing worth sticking to. And I’m lazy. Why commit to something that is going to come back to annoy you in a few days?

I do like challenges though. I try not to take book reading challenges because I’m afraid it might take the fun out of reading for me. Now I take as long as the book takes to get read. Some are super quick. Some take ages. Some take ages because they are boring, while others take ages because they are so interesting that I keep going back and forth. Some because I don’t get the time to sit down with a book, sometimes. I’ve read 142 books this year. How I wish it were 144, that would make it a nice round figure, with an average of 12 a month. I would have loved that 🙂 This year was interesting books-wise for me. Picked up a few new authors, got some great recommendations from you guys. And I created this new blog, importing all the book reviews from the other blog. And turns out that I am more active here than there. Who would’ve thought!

While I am happier with no reading targets, when it comes to reviewing, I think taking up a challenge has helped me. I get lazy otherwise, write a draft and never post it. But knowing that I have to reach my target helps. It ensures that atleast the drafts see the light of the day. I took the challenge in 2012 and managed to meet the target with 52 reviews. This year I fell short by 1, managed only 51 reviews. But I did do a bunch of mini-reviews(seven of them), back in September, so I’m going to pretend that I’ve met the target. I did technically, so what if they were mini-reviews, eh?

I do plan to take the review challenge again this year. Sticking to my old target of 52 reviews. Not very ambitious, that’s me. But then knowing my schedule, I’m not sure if I can make it, but can’t not try, can I?

So wish you all a wonderful New Year. May 2014 bring happiness, joys and lots of books(of course!), and everything you wish for!

6 thoughts on “Books, Reviews, Challenges and Wishes

  1. 2013 was a good year for me too, as far as books were concerned. I got out of my comfort zone, I think, even if only slightly. 🙂 I should do more of that in 2014 – and that is my resolution. 🙂

    142 books in a year?! 12 books (approximately) a month? With a child and a job and a home to manage? How on earth, lady?! :0


    • I’m quite sure I won’t reach anywhere near that number this year, with work and everything 😦 But yes, as far as I get to read books that make me happy, it’s fine by me 🙂


  2. baap rey!!! 142 books in a year. in RM’s style first thing I will do upon our meet is to fall at your feet. How do you manage with a job too now?.. Wishing you all the very best for the 2013 challenge.. It will be a breeze for you. HNY to you and your family.


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