Book Review: Please Don’t Cry by Jane Plume


‘A family torn apart by grief. An incredible act of love’

A true story of a family torn apart by tragedies and of a friendship that went beyond all boundaries. Gina and Jane(the author) are the best of friends. They have been inseparable since they met. They celebrated together, spent holidays together, their lives were entwined in so many ways. They were more than just friends, they were sisters of choice to each other. Jane was a single mother with three children. Gina and her husband Shaun had two boys, who were close friends with Jane’s children. They were Auntie Gina and Auntie Jane to their children. Gina and her husband were also god-parents to Jane’s youngest daughter.

When Jane had some complications after the birth of her daughter, Gina was there for her. And when Gina faced the toughest tests of her life, Shaun, being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Jane was right with her, supporting her, holding her hand, doing everything she could, to be there for her dear friend. Just when the family was going through a tough time, with Shaun’s illness, Gina is killed in a car accident. Life is suddenly even worse than it already was. Shaun, already ill, is now bereaved and has the responsibility ot looking after his two boys.

Jane steps in and again, does what she has to, take care of Gina’s boys for her. She helps Shaun and the boys through the harrowing time after Gina’s death. In a couple of years, it is Shaun’s turn. His cancer turned aggressive and it was clear that Shaun’s days were numbered. Jane ends up looking after Gina’s children, all the while, being a mum to her own three.

It was such a heart-breaking, and yet such an inspiring read. To see how Jane, manages to do so much for her friend and her family was just amazing. Even her children are such generous souls, never for a minute grudging the fact that their mother was doing so much for her friend’s children. All that Jane says is ‘I’m glad I could do her this one last favour. If it had been the other way round, I know Gina would have done the same for me’, and that I guess speaks volumes about the friendship that Jane and Gina shared.

A beautiful but absolutely heart breaking read. I wonder sometimes why I read such heart-wrenching tales.. but I do. All I can say is that affect me deeply. So I’m not sure if I would recommend it. But do read it, if you think you would appreciate it.

This book is available on Amazon(UK).

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