WWW Wednesdays 3


W.W.W. Wednesdays is a weekly event brought to you by MizB from Should Be Reading. To play along, answer the following questions:

.What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you are going to read next?

What am I reading now? I’ve just started The Immigrants by Manju Kapoor. I’ve just started it, so I can’t really say how I’m finding it. If it’s good, it will find itself here with a review.


What did I recently finish reading. The Making of Us by Lisa Jewell. A book, that I thought would be a regular chick-lit(this is what happens when you pick up books on a whim), but it certainly wasn’t anything like a chicklit. Not that there is anything wrong with a chick lit. I love them, but this was totally a different sort of story. Review coming up soon, as soon as I complete the two that are sitting in my drafts. So much to read, so many to review, and hardly any time. Story of my life!


What will I read next? No idea at all. I’ve got a few books waiting for me on the Kindle and I’m sure I will do a library run soon too. Let’s see what I end up reading.

So, tell me what have you guys been up to?

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