Book Review: The Cry by Helen Fitzgerald

I’ve read Helen Fitzgerald before and have really enjoyed her style of writing. This was another Kindle read. I’ve started to use my Kindle a lot these days. Amazon Daily Deals seem to have a lot to do with my Kindle collection, I have to say.

Joanna is experiencing a parent’s worst nightmare. You know how when babies cry non stop and all you want to do is somehow make them stop. The only thing you want is to not hear them cry. What if that happens. And you realize to your absolute horror that the silence is permanent. And even worse that you might have done something to bring that about.

Joanna and Alistair are a couple traveling to Australia with their nine weeks old son, Noah. Joanna is knackered handling Noah, through two long haul flights, while being ill herself with a ear infection. All she wants is some calm and may be a few winks. Noah seems to have other ideas and keeps her awake , tired and totally frazzled through the long, seemingly never ending trip.

In Australia, an alert goes out for a missing baby, Noah. Joanna finally has quiet time that she yearned for but not quite what she asked for. For it is quiet but peace, that’s quite another story.

Joanna and Alistair, rally around each other,initially while living through their nightmare. Joanna, alone, in a new country has to deal with accusations, lies, truths and reality that she had ignored so far. As days go by, Joanna is faced by a reality that refuses to go away. With all the pressure and emotional turmoil that she faces, she is edging close to losing her sanity. Her choices, her decisions come to haunt her, and she knows that only she can bring the situation to an end.

A wonderfully written book. A book which you think is all cut and dried but reveals new surprises all through.

The book also captures modern day dynamics, what with social media and press adding to the pressure that people go through in situations like this, when it gets so easy to spread rumours or even suss out the truth, whatever the case might be. The characters are well written, you feel for them, you experience their pain, and despair with them.

All in all, a book that I am glad I picked up, and would definitely recommend. A 4/5 from me.

About the Author
Helen FitzGerald is the second youngest of thirteen children. She grew up in the small town of Kilmore, Victoria, Australia, and studied English and History at the University of Melbourne. Via India and London, Helen came to Glasgow University where she completed a Diploma and Masters in Social Work. She works part time as a criminal justice social worker in Glasgow. She’s married to screenwriter Sergio Casci, and they have two children.

This book is available on Amazon(UK).


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