Book Review: The Rosie Project ( Don Tillman #1) by Graeme Simsion

I came across this book in one of the www Wednesday posts. It sounded very interesting, and stayed on my to-read list, until I chanced upon it in the library.


Don Tillman is a genetics professor. A man who has never gone past the first date. Methodical and systematic, he has come to the conclusion that he needs a wife and has also decided the best way to go about it. Don, being Don, has obviously, selected the most scientific way possible of selecting a partner for himself. ‘The Wife Project’. He has his criteria listed, his questionnaire ready, all he now needs is for people to apply and for him to select the most appropriate candidate. Beats going on dates and making social mistakes hands down. Or so he thought.

Until he meets Rosie. She hasn’t applied to be part of the ‘The Wife Project’, is completely unsuitable and yet seems to throw Don’s ordered life into disarray. Rosie isn’t the least interested in the ‘The Wife Project’, she has a project of her own, ‘The Father Project’.

It’s a charming book. Don shows all the characteristics of Asperger’s but is blissfully unaware. He just considers himself just a super organised person with bad social skills. His matter of fact acceptance of himself is so endearing. And also an insight into how it must be for people with different social skills. It is an insight into how some of the social behaviours that we take for granted might take huge amounts of efforts for people who are a little different from us. Towards the end Don also makes the point about how all of us are rigid in ways that we don’t even realise. I absolutely loved that bit.

The book is full of interesting characters, Don himself, his friends, Rosie is, of course, another beautifully crafted character.

It’s a lovely, funny, endearing and thought-provoking(in a way,you don’t expect) book, one that I would happily recommend. A book that I found hard to put down, I only put it down because I was in the middle of a course where I had no option but to do my homework and study. I’m certainly looking forward to reading the next one from this author

About the Author

Graeme C. Simsion is a New Zealand born Australian author, screen-writer, playwright and data modeller. He recently won the 2012 Victorian Premier’s Unpublished Manuscript Award for his book, The Rosie Project.

Prior to writing fiction he was an information systems consultant and wrote two books and several papers about data-modelling.

This book is available from Amazon(UK).


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