Book Review: Tender Hooks by Moni Mohsin

I’ve read Moni Mohsin before and loved her books. The first of hers that I read was , ‘The End of Innocence’, a beautifully narrated, heart wrenching story. The second one was a hilarious take on society ladies in Pakistan. Such completely different books, and yet both so beautifully handled. Just goes to show the calibre of the author, is all I can say. Needless to say, when I saw another book by Moni Mohsin, I knew I had to grab it.


Our protagonist is a wealthy socialite in Lahore, married to a man, Janoo, who has rather different interests from her, and a fifteen year old son, Kulchoo. She’s got a problem though, her aunt Pussy, yes, you read that right, has asked her to find a ‘suitable girl from a good bagground’.

Thanks God, my bore-but-rich cousin Jonkers has been dumped by his wife – a low-class, slutty, secretary. My aunts is so happy you can’t even imagine. Now she wants her darling son to marry again, and quickly. But this to a suitable girl from an old family. Only problem is, she wants me to find her.

A deliciously wicked book about how she finds herself riding a roller coaster ride finding her cousin a wife. Of course she comes across all sorts of hassles, starting from her husband who wants her to leave Jonkers alone and let him find his own wife, and other things like maids who choose to go to Abu Dhabi rather than work for her, or the Taliban who prevent her from having luxurious facials, the life of a busy socialite is so much tougher than we could have ever imagined!

As I said before, a wicked book. I absolutely loved the satire. A book that had me chuckling away, snorting with laughter every now and again. A book that I would have finished in one sitting if only I didn’t have other things like work and life coming in the way. An absolutely delight of a book, one it would definitely recommend. Pick it up and laugh away.

About the Author
Moni Mohsin is a Pakistani writer based partly in the United Kingdom.

This book is available from Amazon. It has been subsequently published as ‘Duty Free’.

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