2014: The Book Year That Was

It was a busy year for me, but out here, on the book blog, I’m going to stick with book year, or my year in terms of books.

I’ve read 122 books this year, according to Goodreads. Down from 2013 (143) , but I have been working this year, so that does take up a significant amount of my time 🙂 Try as I might I can’t read while working unlike at home when I read while cooking, or ironing, pretty much all the time..So that accounts for the reduced reading.

I hadn’t taken any reading challenge as I think it might just take away from the fun of reading. And that will stay that way this year as well.

As usual, I’ve read a wide variety of genres. Mostly fiction with some non-fiction interspersed in between. I wish I could find a way of getting that sort of stats. Goodreads, are you listening? I’ve read some lovely books, some not so memorable ones. Discovered new authors, reviewed some, couldn’t review some, either because they weren’t worth reviewing, or because they are so good that I knew that I couldn’t do them justice.

I have read a lot more e-books this year. A combination of not having the time to go to the library and trying not to clutter up my house further by buying books, e-books have crept in and become a reality. We’ve become a three kindle family with Daughter becoming a proud owner of a kindle as well. I hadn’t planned on getting her a kindle, but it does seem to help, given the amount she reads. Plus e-books are so much cheaper plus with my schedule library runs are getting so much tougher to make. She’s got the basic kindle without the backlit display, so I’m hoping it is as close to real books as possible. As of now, she’s delighted.

While I didn’t take up any reading challenges, I did take up a review challenge of reviewing 52 books, one for each week of the year. According to the blog stats, I’ve posted 50 reviews, however, I did a post with 4 full fledged reviews as they were part of a 4 parts story, that takes me to 53 reviews in all 🙂 I’m chuffed, as I wasn’t sure I would quite make it this year. I plan to aim for the 52 reviews again. I’m not even going to try for something higher, knowing how tough it gets to get there.

So what in your plate, reading wise this year? Any recommendations? Any new authors you’ve discovered?

And oh yes, wish you all a wonderful year ahead! May it bring you whatever you wish for!

9 thoughts on “2014: The Book Year That Was

  1. 122 books while you are working is super! Kudos to you! I can’t seem to read more than 45-49 books a year, work or no work.

    Happy new year to you too, and happy reading this year as well. 🙂

    Good to know about the three-Kindle family. Lovely!

    I aim to let books choose me this year instead of choosing them. I’m going to let go and not have a list of TBR books (I have a list, but I am not going to follow it strictly). I am going to read the author/book that strikes me as perfect at any given moment.

    Some books that I would suggest you read:

    1. The camel bookmobile
    2. Jeanne Ray’s Julie & Romeo
    3. The school of essential ingredients (also published as The Monday night cooking school)
    4. Marlena de Blasi’s A thousand days in Venice, a thousand days in Tuscany, and Lady in the palazzo
    5. a homemade life
    6. korma, kheer & kismet
    7. Relish – Lucy Knisley
    8. Busy woman seeks wife
    9. missed connections

    You read the end of your life book club, right?


    • TGND, that’s because all I do is read. I don’t go online much, I take books everywhere.

      All the books you have recommended are on my to-read list. Haven’t been able to get hold of them yet 😦

      I never follow any list strictly. If I find a book on my list, fantastic, other wise, I just pick up books on gut instinct.


  2. Wow smitha 122 books!!!!… From where you take out time..with a job.

    I am done at 23 books last year. The best book i read so far is “The colour of water —-A black man’s tribute to his white mother—James Mcbride” and i fell in love with Charlotte Hubbard—read 3 books of her….i loved her writings and recipes at the end of the 3 books.

    And also i loved Rush home road- Lori lansens.


  3. Crazy girl!!!! 122? Pls impart some time management lessons. I managed a shy 16 books only in 2014 😦

    You certainly inspire 🙂

    How have you been?long time. .I read that you’ve taken up job. . How’s it going? Congrats. . Let’s catch up

    love n hugs !


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