Book Review: Before I go by Colleen Oakley

This was another one of the NetGalley books. I can’t say how much fun I have on the site, browsing through, looking for books to request for, and the joy, when they get approved. Of course, I feel awful when I get declined, but that gets forgotten in minutes.

27-year-old Daisy has almost completed three cancer free years. She and her husband Jack are about to celebrate their ‘cancerversary’ when she is told that her cancer is back, and this time she might not be as lucky as the last time, it’s a stage four diagnosis. Daisy has just months to live.

Daisy is worried, not for herself but for her husband. Jack is a brilliant, very intelligent person but completely useless when it comes to house hold stuff. Stuff which Daisy manages for him completely. She knows that he is going to struggle without her. As she obsesses about her death she comes to the conclusion that there is only one thing that she can do in the time she has on her hands – find a wife for Jack.

Does she succeed in finding Jack a new wife? You’ll have to read it to find out. All I will say is that it makes for an interesting read.

What could have been an intense and sad read turns out to be a light, and yet insightful read. We go on a journey with Daisy as she goes around finding a wife, not just any wife, the perfect wife for Jack. She leaves no stone unturned, giving us a lot of hilarious moments which are at the same time, heart-breaking, given Daisy’s circumstances. Some moments which has you laughing, others where she has you in tears. The emotional turmoil that Daisy goes through is brought out well. I liked the fact that the book also explored Daisy’s relationship with her mother and her close friend. The way she reacts to the diagnosis is very well written. How do you react when you’ve been told that you have just 4-6 months to live? When you are so young that everything in life is still ahead of you. Suddenly that degree that you are pursuing holds no meaning. All the things you looked forward to, like becoming a mother or redoing your house is suddenly not even a distant possibility. Hope, that thing which keeps people going is suddenly gone. Daisy’s reaction to her diagnosis has all these elements covered, and your heart goes out to her.

As I said before, it is an interesting read. A 3.5 read for me. The only things that took away from the book was that I couldn’t relate to Daisy in her quest at times. It mad me at her sometimes, it felt unrealistic at times. Having said that, I still felt that it was a worthy read.

About the Author
Colleen Oakley’s articles, essays, and interviews have been featured in The New York Times, Ladies’ Home Journal, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Redbook and Martha Stewart Weddings. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, two painfully cute kids and a huge lapdog named Bailey. Before I Go is her debut novel.

This book is available for pre-ordering from Amazon(UK).

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Before I go by Colleen Oakley

  1. Interesting. .particularly to know what will one do if they have just a few months to live..

    May be I am a weirdo but I find it intriguing.. I think one needs to plan nevertheless what if.
    Recently experienced the situation from very close quarter’s. . Life it’s funny

    I need to start working on my bucket list.


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