Book Review: When I Lost You by Kelly Zimmer

How long has it been since I peeked in here. Way too log, way way too long. I have been reading, but not as much and getting no time at all to write full fledged reviews. I have been posting short reviews on Goodreads when I get a chance, but that is not the same thing. Too many drafts have been sat here for the last few months, which I am afraid you are going to be subjected to in the next month(s) to come. Hopefully.

You know you are mad when you fall in love with authors. And I seem to do it on an alarmingly regular basis. I picked up my first Kelly Rimmer book on a lark and since then wouldn’t think twice about picking up a book of hers.


When I Lost You sets off with Molly, rushing to Italy to her injured husband, Leo, who is in a coma. Leo is a journalist and has been injured while traveling for work. We are told from the beginning that things haven’t been quite right between them. When Leo comes out of the coma they realise that he has lost part of his memory. He doesn’t remember being married to Molly. Molly in the meanwhile has to worry about how much to tell him, how much can he take in his fragile condition.

Molly’s pain and struggle as she sees Leo’s condition and the quandary that she in. How much should she tell him? Or even worse, what if his memory comes back before Molly is ready to face that eventuality. Can Molly face losing Leo a second time? Were Molly & Leo better off without Leo’s memory?

The story progresses along with us being taken back to the point where Molly and Leo fell in love. It has to be one of the most romantic pieces I’ve read. As you read it, you desperately want things to be alright for them, despite knowing that something does go wrong. We already have plenty of hints that something has gone dreadfully wrong between Molly and Leo, what exactly went wrong? That is the beautiful heart-breaking, and yet wonderfully sweet journey that the book takes you on. A beautifully poignant story. I would happily recommend this book to anybody who likes this genre. A lovely book. A classic Kelly Rimmer.

Thank you, Netgalley & Bookouture for the review copy of this book.

About the Author

Kelly Rimmer is the author of several best-selling books like the Secret Daughter, Me Without You and When I lost you. She is based out of Australia and works in the IT industry when she isn’t writing her wonderful books.


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    • That’s lovely. I’d love to know how you find her books. Also, I can’t reach your blog by clicking on the gravatar. Please could you leave me your blog link. Would love to read you.


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