Book Review: What Goes Around by Julie Corbin

Ellen has been deeply affected after her separation from her husband. The trauma has resulted in an OCD which is increasing at an alarming rate. She knows she needs to take some action to reclaim her life back. She also needs to do something before her children realise how bad her situation is.

Leila is the woman who is leading Ellen’s old life. Living with her husband and in her old house. The house that Ellen painstakingly decorated, arranged and rearranged to make it perfect for her family. The house where Ellen had hoped for her granddaughter to make happy childhood memories.

In a freak coincidence, Ellen is given a list of therapists to consult for her OCD and one of them is Leila. Ellen decides to go to Leila. She has revenge on her mind. Leila’s office is her husband’s old study and Ellen will get an opportunity to get inside the house that was once hers.

The story is narrated from both the women’s point of view. A psychological thriller, it makes for a gripping read. Some of the choices made are shocking and worrying but that is what a sick, troubled mind does, I suppose. It had me worried for Ellen, with some of her choices. Was she going too far in her quest for revenge. What exactly was going on with Leila? What is there in her past that has her running away?

The story unfolds in a way that was completely unexpected and shocking, for me. As a psychological thriller, it worked really well. It was a book that was difficult to put down, one that had me involved completely in the lives of the protagonists. The way it ended particularly, was very effective, in my opinion.

A 4/5 read.

Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for the review copy of this book.

About the Author

Julie Corbin was born and brought up in Scotland. She studied at Edinburgh University and worked for over twenty years as a nurse in various specialities including neurosurgery and school nursing. She began writing seriously when her three sons were teenagers. She lives in Sussex, England.

9 thoughts on “Book Review: What Goes Around by Julie Corbin

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    • I’ve stopped looking at my must read list. Too many books there 😦 Most of these are review copies from Netgalley which will soon stop approving books for me since I have a review backlog of around 40 books!


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