Book Review: A Long Walk Home: A Woman’s Story of Kidnap, Hostage, Loss – and Survival by Judith Tebutt

A Long Walk Home: A Woman’s Story of Kidnap, Hostage, Loss – and Survival.


Judith Tebutt and her husband David are on a trip to Kenya. A trip that has a lot more significance to them than just a trip to Africa. They had met thirty three years ago in Africa and been together ever since. Africa holds a special place in their hearts. This had seemed a perfect holiday, a combination of things both of them wanted to do. A safari for David and a relaxing beach holiday for Judith. A holiday that was supposed to be a good break for both of them, a holiday they had planned meticulously for, and until then had seemed perfect. The reserves in Kenya seemed just what they had thought it would be. After a perfect time at the reserves, they had come to this coastal resort in Kenya which had come heavily recommended. They were looking forward to a relaxing week at the beach.

Their dream trip turned into horror when Judith is kidnapped by Somali pirates from their cottage at the desserted beach resort they had been staying at.

Judith is kept hostage for 192 days, in subhuman conditions, with very little food or kindness, for that matter. Held for ransom, Judith has little to look forward to. Dirty surroundings, unkind people, very little food, humiliated and isolated. All she can do is hope for the best and keep her body in the best condition she could. She would walk inside her room to keep herself fit. As she walks in the small room that she is held hostage, in her mind, she is walking towards home. She is walking towards freedom, every step she takes bringing her closer to the dream of being free.

The memoir is a moving account of her time as a prisoner. Torn away from her beloved husband and held hostage, she refuses to give up or lose hope. She even tries to write down details of the places where she’s held and those of her captors in the belief that one day she would be free. Such a brave and moving account. Such a brave person. A book that reinforces how strong people can be, in the face of adversity. Judith’s love for her husband touches your heart and breaks to read what she goes through.

Not an easy read, but definitely a read that I would recommend.

About the Author
Judith Tebutt is a British woman who was abducted by Somali pirates when she had been on holiday with her husband off the coast of Kenya. This book is her memoir of her time as a hostage.

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