Book Review: The Coincidence of Coconut Cake by Amy E. Reichert

The title hooked me in. There was something about the title. Actually, it’s just that mention of cake, and even the fact that I don’t even like coconut cake didn’t deter me. I love fiction based on food, or even non-fiction, for that matter. As you can see, I’m not too choosy and the blurb sounded interesting, and that was enough to get me to request for this book at Netgalley.


Lou runs a little French restaurant, Luella’s in Milwaukee. She’s living her dream, she’s finally been able to save money and open her own restaurant. While not wildly popular or anything,they are struggling, just about able to make even, but that doesn’t stop Lou from dreaming big and working hard to reach there. The only person who doesn’t seem to take her seriously is her fiance Devlin. He seems to think that she needs ‘rescuing’ from her ‘hard’ life. As it turned out, Lou certainly didn’t need rescuing by Devlin, and walking in on her fiance unexpectedly had more than one unsavoury outcome.

Al is a brutal restaurant reviewer who is known for his harsh take downs of the restaurants he reviews. Originally from Britain, he is just about tolerating Milkwaukee and writes under a psuedonym. He gets an anonymous invite to review Luella’s, and lands up there on a day when Lou was at her worst. Needless to say, Al’s review was nothing to write home about. The review drives Lou to the pub to drown her sorrows where she runs into Al. A dare ends up with Lou offering to show Al the culinary delights of Milwaukee which involved some really delicious sounding food (the descriptions had me drooling). During this time, Lou’s restaurant is facing closure, while Al’s column is gaining in popularity.

So what happens when Lou finds out who Al really is? You have to read to find out.

A charming, cute story. One that you know the outcome of, and yet want to read on, just because the writing is so captivating, the characters so engaging, that you want to read on, you want to know what happens next, knowing fully well, that there is little that will surprise you. I loved the characters, particularly Lou’s protective friends.

A simple story, but really well narrated. A book that made me want to taste all that Lou shows Al, made me want to visit Milwaukee, and made me want to know how it all ended – even though I could easily predict the ending, but the journey to get there was absolutely delicious! The author even did the near-impossible, she made me want to try a slice of coconut cake!

A book I would definitely recommend. Great for a holiday read, a quick, easy and fun read. A 4/5 read for me. I know I would love to read other books by this author.

Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for the review copy of this book.

About The Author
Amy Reichert earned her MA in Literature from Marquette University, and honed her writing and editing skills as a technical writer (which is exactly as exciting as it sounds). As a newly minted member of the local library board, she loves helping readers find new books to love. She’s a life-long Wisconsin resident with (allegedly) a very noticeable accent, a patient husband, and two too-smart-for-their-own-good kids. When time allows, she loves to read, collect more cookbooks than she could possibly use, and test the limits of her DVR.

This book is available from Amazon(UK).