Book Review: A Place for Us by Harriet Evans

A Place for Us is a four part saga. Part 1 and 4, I got as a review copy from NetGalley in return for an unbiased review. Part 2 and 3, I just couldn’t resist buying from Amazon. Instead of posting separate reviews, I’ve decided to consolidate the four reviews into one post. Yes, lazy me. Also busy me.

Part 1

This book came pre-approved for me from Netgalley. I had no expectations from the book, never having read the author.

The day Martha Winter decided to tear apart her family began like any other day.

Martha Winters is having a party. She has invited her whole family, which is spread out across the world and the invitations she sent has made most of them nervous. Each of them seem to know that something is up, and they even seem to know what Martha is about to announce, but we as the readers are clueless. The story goes on through each family member’s view point. Each of them have a story, each of them have something to hide or something to protect. Sometimes in the present, sometimes jumping back to the past. Conflicts, differences, disagreements,disatisfactions that have seemed to have lingered on for years. As it reached the end, I realized why it was called ‘Part 1’. The author left it at a stage where I was gasping for more. I so wanted to read the next part!

It was interesting, sometimes a bit confusing, as there are loads of characters. I have had to go back and re-read parts of the book, but I enjoy such books. Books that ramble, and still make me yearn for more.

A 4/5 read.

Part 2


I had received the first part of this series as a review copy from NetGalley and had thoroughly enjoyed it. When I found part 2 on Amazon, I just had to order it.

I was a tiny bit worried that I might have to go back to part 1 to refresh my memory, but as I started to read, everything just fell into place. Martha Winters has asked her entire family to come back to Winterfold, for her birthday. Everyone seems to know that there is something Martha wants to share. Each of the family have their own baggage with them. Some with scars from their past, some with new issues and problems. What will Martha’s announcement do to them? You will have to read to find out.

All I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the way the author has created her characters, each with very distinct personalities, each character stands out. Whether you relate or empathize with them or not, despite a vast array of characters in the story, each of them are memorable.

A 4/5 read for me.

Part 3

I got approved for this book at NetGalley, but by the time I ended up picking it up, it had got archived. Now after reading the first and second parts, I couldn’t stay away from part three. Amazon, thankfully came to the rescue.

Martha’s secret is out at the end of the second book. This part mainly deals with the aftermath. The way each of the family deals with the information in front of them. It affects them all in some way. Some more than the others. Martha’s revelation leaves nobody untouched.

A slower paced, and slightly bleaker read. It’s painful to see what each of them go through. The flash backs to the past reveal the story in just about enough detail to make us want to read on.

Still interesting, and gripping, just not as much as the first two parts. It still made me go straight on to the final part of the story. One thing I was happy about was that I managed to read the last three parts back to back. It made it much more engrossing, and knowing that I would soon (instead of having to wait for the release of the next part) know the whole story was nice.

A 3/5 read for me.

Part 4 – The Final Part

The concluding part of the four part saga ‘A Place for Us’, picks up from where it left off at the end of part 3.

Martha’s family has scattered once again, some driven away by the secrets that have been disclosed, some by the power of their own pasts. It is once again up to her to bring them all back, to the place which they all can call their own.

A touching end to the tale, and a fitting one as well. The only reason for me to rate it a 3 is because it was very predictable. I did however love the epilogue. It was such a perfect end, and yet very different from what we would normally expect from an epilogue.

On a general note, I really liked the covers. I’m not sure what exactly appealed to me, but I felt they brought out the essence of the book, the place called home. I hadn’t read the author before but would definitely look out for her books. She weaves a tale beautifully. A 3.5/5 read on the whole, if you consider the 4 parts together.