Lucy Sullivan is getting married By Marian Keyes

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I have been a big fan of Marian Keyes since I read her ‘ Anybody Out There’.

‘Lucy Sullivan is getting married’ is a regular chick-lit with all the elements in place. Lucy Sullivan works in a boring office, in London. Her work mates persuade her to come with them to see a psychic. Lucy goes, despite being bankrupt and having no faith in fortune tellers. The psychic tells her that she sees marriage for her in the not too far off future, with someone who is not ‘her type’.

Lucy does not believe in it, although her work mates do let the whole world know that ‘Lucy Sullivan’ is getting married.  Lucy, manages to get all that under control but starts to wonder if the psychic was indeed telling the truth when she finds that some of her work mates’ fortunes were indeed coming true.  Lucy has the worst choice in boyfriends. Irresponsible characters, working in music or such like, who she is most likely to be paying for and looking after, during the span of the relationship and most of them Irish.

She also has a best friend Daniel, who every girl in town, drools after, but she is totally immune to, he is too responsible, holds down a good job, to be her type. Daniel is her best friend who listens to her when she needs someone to listen to and steps in as a date, when she is date-less and she is the same for him.  She also has issues with her mother who she believes is very hard on her father.  Lucy going on with her life, with her inappropriate boyfriends and her crazy girlfriends and roommates, is very funny read.

One day her mother leaves her father, and Lucy goes over to look after him. That in effect changes a lot for her. She realizes a few home-truths and sees the facts that had been staring at her, but she had previously chosen to ignore.

So does Lucy Sullivan get married, after all? Well, you have to read it to find out, but I assure you, if you do like  a good, light-hearted chick-lit, you will love this one. I laughed my heart out reading it. It was a real fun, light read.  I read such books every once in a while to chuckle away and laugh with abandon.

I would give it a three on five, because despite being a regular chick-lit, the story being quite predictable, it was still a very enjoyable read.