The Italian Wedding – Book Review

As I had promised, my next book review is of The Italian Wedding.  I am refraining from posting reviews of everything I read to avoid shoes and chappals being thrown at me 🙂

There is something about books in Italian settings. I love them as much as like Indian books. Most of these also have the most mouth-watering descriptions of food, which makes it an even better experience. I know, it is probably stereotyped, but that certainly does not stop me from lapping it all up.

The Italian Wedding

by Nicky Pellegrino

Pieta Martinelli is a bridal designer working for a famous Bridal Designer. She is very busy at work and at home, planning her younger sister’s wedding dress.  Living with her Italian dad, Beppi Martinelli,  English mother Catherine and younger sister Addolorata, who is a chef in her dad’s restaurant Little Italy, in London.

Her family has a long running feud with another Italian family in the same locality. She and her sister have always been consumed with curiosity about the feud, because they have never been told anything about it.  As events unfold, her mother ends up relating the story of how she and her father met and about the feud. As she hears the story, she also starts to understand her mother, who was always in the background, who both sisters more or less ignored.

It was an enchanting read. Beautifully incorporating interesting recipes as well as interesting comments to the recipe while moving the story forward really well.

This is the first book of hers that I have read and I am certainly going to pick up more of hers. I just loved the way she writes.

I am not going to be doing any more book reviews for a while. The books I read recently have not been worth reviewing. Have been going through a lot of inane chick-lits. Now re-reading London by Edward Rutherfurd, an epic of a book, which I had loved reading. I had mentioned about this book here as well.