Book Review: The Archers Revenge by Destination Infinity

Destination Infinity is a blogger who I read. I don’t do much of blog hopping these days, but I still read the old timers blogs, albeit sporadically. So when DI asked me to review his book, I agreed. Although, I always worry about reviewing books of people I know. Because what do I say if I don’t enjoy the book? Do I just keep quiet and not mention anything. There was once this lady blogger I came across. She is a prolific blogger and has a few books to her credit. Now, I used to follow her blog, but her books weren’t as great. And she asked me outright how I found her books, which had me grasping for words, wondering how to put it politely..

So yes, where was I? Yes, DI sent me a copy of his book for an honest review, and me being as efficient as I am, took ages to get around to reading it. Apologies, DI, for the delay, and thank you so much for asking for an honest review, it’s so much easier when an author wants genuine feedback.

The Archer’s Revenge is the story of Aryan, a young man, Aryan, and his quest to revenge his father’s death. Aryan’s father’s death was camouflaged as a sudden cardiac death, until he got an anonymous tip that he was murdered at the behest of the Minister, Guru. Having known that, Aryan sets out planning his revenge and he plans to use archery to achieve his objective. He is single minded in his quest, and fate brings him a companion, Divya, another person with a similar story, and a common goal.

It is an interesting story, the plot, well thought out, and well executed. I enjoyed the twists and turns, and had a tiny, really tiny inkling that there was a twist in the offing, however, when it came, it was still a surprise. The plot, and the handling of it, was done well. The author has managed to build up his story and the backgrounds of each of the protagonists really well to explain the motives of the characters, right from Aryan to Guru, the minister. All this makes it a believable book, even if archery might still not be considered a method of choice for most people seeking revenge of this sort.

What I felt could have made it much better, is better editing. The title itself is a case in point. The language, the style of the book, could have been improved much more with proper professional editing, but for a first time author, I thought it was a good effort, with a very different storyline, nicely interspersed with local flavours, and culture.

A book that I would rate 3.5/5.

About the Author
Destination Infinity (Rajesh K) is a vetern Indian Blogger who has recently forayed into the world of writing (books as opposed to blogs).