Book Review: Wrong, For the Right Reasons by Ritu Lalit

I’ve read Ritu Lalit before, and have enjoyed her writing, although all her books I’ve read so far have been of the fantasy genre. ‘Wrong, for the Right Reasons’, sounded very interesting, and luckily for me, the Kindle edition was available on Amazon(UK).


Shyamoli Verna, a regular young woman, has gone back to her parents’ house. Which wouldn’t have been such a bad thing, had she not had two children in tow, and a broken down marriage with her. Of course, from her mother’s point of view, she had done everything for her daughter, by getting her married. Once married, it was the daughter’s responsibility to stay married. Adjust. Compromise. After all her husband doesn’t ‘beat’ her. A little infidelity? Surely women could overlook that!

Undeterred by her mother’s (and society in general) attitude, Shyamoli sets out to make a life for her and her two children.

It’s a fascinating book, a window to what a divorcee goes through in Indian society, a place where a married woman has the sole responsibility of keeping her marriage intact. The double standards and obstacles that a single woman has to encounter. The style of writing is very engaging. It helps that Shyamoli is a regular woman, with the same insecurities and inhibitions that most of us have. She is an easy protagonist to identify with, to relate to, and to cheer on. You want to see her succeed.

I particularly liked the well-etched out characters. Shyamoli, initially who had lost her confidence, who got road rolled by her mothers, to the Shyamoli who slowly regains her confidence and flair. Her son, and her wonderfully spirited daughter, Ketaki. I really liked that name, Ketaki (although that had nothing to do with liking the actual book 🙂 )and absolutely loved the character of Ketaki. Spirited, exuberant, spunky! What a fun character she was! The various relationships well drawn out. The difficult relationship Shyamoli has with her mother, the complicated relationship she has with her daughter, the comfortable one with her son, they all felt so real, it could have been our neighbours, it could have been our relatives, it could have been us.

The Afghan element to the story was equally fascinating. I’m longing to find out from the author how she knows so much about the Afghan culture and language. To me, it added a unique and wonderful flavour to the book. A book I would easily rate a 4/5.

About the Author
Ritu Lalit, is an author of four books, A Bowlful of Butterflies, a coming of age story about three fast friends in school, HILAWI a fantasy thriller, and Chakra, Chronicles of the Witch Way, again a fantasy adventure, and Wrong, for the right reasons. Forthcoming murder mystery, My Father’s Mistress.

This book is available from Amazon(UK).

Hilawi by Ritu Lalit

Ritu has been someone whose writing I’ve always enjoyed. I have been a silent lurker on her blog, mainly because I don’t have much to add, but I’ve always loved the way she writes. Her books have been on my wish list, but somehow I didn’t end up picking them up when I was in India. But when I found it on Kindle, I went ahead and got it. It then sat on my kindle for ages, because I gravitate towards proper books most of the time. Only during the holidays does the Kindle get to see the light of the day. So this last holiday, I went through all my pending reading on the Kindle.

Now, I have had the not so greatest of experiences with bloggers turning authors.  I haven’t read too many but the ones I did, well, wasn’t as great as I expected.  Once, I came across this blogger who actually asked me if I had read her book, and it was a bit embarrassing because I had, and I did not enjoy it as much as everybody else seems to have done. So I was squirming a bit, hoping to find a way out. I normally do not review books I don’t like, so it got a little awkward for me.

Since then, I try not to mention if I am reading a book of someone I might know. I needn’t have worried, this time.


Gargi(Gigi) and Yaduvir(Vir) Ojha are twins living in London. Despite being twins, they are nothing like each other. Yaduvir, is  calm and mild mannered man, while Gigi is a feisty, young woman. Gigi, Yaduvir and Madhur, Yaduvir’s girlfriend Madhur are inseparable and great pals. Their regular, smooth life is suddenly interrupted when a sudden phone call summons them back to India. As soon as they land in India, they realize that something is very wrong. Their grand-uncle is not just having old age related delusions. Everything that they had taken for granted changed instantaneously. They are apparently, the guardians of ancient shield, Hilawi which is guarded very carefully, because of its sensitive and dangerous nature.

Hilawi is supposed to bring luck and prosperity to those who possess it. That makes it very lucrative to a number of people. The Ojha women are supposed to be true guardians and just like her mother before her, Gigi is the chosen one while Vir is the protector. Things start to change rapidly, not just around them, but within them as well.  Before they know it, they are plunged into the unknown, and they have to use all their wits to work their way out. Not only do they have to safeguard Hilawi, they also have to outwit several others who are out to get their hands on it. They have to figure out for themselves who is evil and who is not.

A taut story line, well-etched characters and a fast paced narrative makes this book  a  quick and interesting read. The mythological story of Hilawi was very interesting. It had me hooked from the beginning to the end. It is fantasy thriller and I have to say, I love the author’s imagination.

I especially loved the way it ended. So much so, that I wish it had a sequel. So would I recommend it, of course! I would give it a 4/5.

About the Author

Ritu Lalit is a successful author of three books, A Bowlful of Butterflies, Hilawi, and Chakra, Chronicles of Witch Way. She also has a very popular blog. She lives in the National Capital Region, with her two sons, daughter-in-law, three dogs, a cat, fishes and a water turtle.

This book is available on Amazon and Flipkart.