Book Review: Ten Years On by Alice Peterson

I read Alice Peterson for the first time, when I picked up this book from the library. I had loved it as you can see from the review. I ended up following Alice on Twitter and was delighted to find out that her book ‘Ten Years On’ was on a discount on Kindle. Cheap as I am, I couldn’t let that go!


Rebecca is happily married to Olly. Living a comfortable life in London, with Olly working as a teacher while trying to write his script and Becca, working in a art gallery with a lovely boss. Life is perfect. It only takes a moment for that to change. When tragedy hits, Becca is forced to move back into the little village that she grew up in, and live with her parents. Grieving and hit with another change in her circumstances, Becca’s life has changed more than she could ever imagine.

Becca ends up meeting Joe, an old friend of Olly’s and her’s. They had been in university together and had been the best of friends but had lost contact over the years. It was ten years since they had lost touch with Joe. Reconnecting with Joe brought back memories for Becca, which she had kept buried. As she struggles with the cards that life dealt her, she is faced with a second chance at happiness, if only she could be brave enough to grab it. That’s about all I can say about the book without giving away the plot.

An absolutely lovely read. A book about love, loss and second chances. Becca and Olly’s relationship is beautifully portrayed and so are all the other relationships. Becca’s relationship with her parents and sister, her friendship with Joe. Her feelings and the turmoil that she goes through. It feels real, it’s not the perfect, ‘there-is-not-one-thing-wrong’ kind of relationship, but a normal relationship between two caring partners, who came with their baggage, frustrations and issues. I loved the way Peterson crafts her characters. As I said before, the characters are all real, the situations are those that we can identify with. It’s a perfect book to curl up with, just keep the tissues handy.

Peterson also manages to keep a little bit of mystery about what happened ten years ago, and that makes it a completely engrossing read. I would give it a 4/5 easily.

About the Author
Alice Peterson is the author of three very popular books. At the age of eighteen Alice had been awarded a tennis scholarship to America when she experienced pain in her right hand. It was rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and she hasn’t picked up a tennis racket since, a sadness that shall always be with her.The theme of disability features in her fiction, but there is nothing gloomy about Alice or her work. Rather this gives her fiction the added dimension of true poignancy.

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