Book Review: A Mother’s Confession by Kelly Rimmer

Another Kelly Rimmer. In case you had any doubt about how much I love this author’s books!

A Mother’s Confession by Kelly Rimmer


I have read Kelly Rimmer before and have always loved her writing, be it the subject, or the style, it is just what I want to read – everytime. Her books never fail to move me to tears, living the story along with the characters.

Olivia and David were the golden couple everybody wanted to be. Succesful, loving, devoted, their lives seemed blissful, made complete by the arrival of their daughter Zoe. Everything seemed perfect until David died. Their well-constructed life has just fallen apart, why is Olivia confused with what she is feeling?

‘He’s dead and I’m safe, but I’m still scared. Sometimes I actually miss him, but then in the very next breath I find that I hate him so much that I hope there is a hell, just so that he can be suffering like he left me here to suffer.’

Their marriage had secrets nobody knew about, but Olivia’s only focus now is Zoe, her tiny daughter. As a mother, Zoe is all that matters. There is one person though, who is intent on ensuring that David’s memory remains untarnished, who refuses to see anything wrong in David, David’s mother Ivy. As a mother, you look at the positives in your child, don’t you? You close your eyes to anything that might not be right in your child, wouldn’t you? Ivy certainly belonged to that category of mothers. What that does to David, and his life with his wife is story that kept me hooked.

The storyline was riveting. You knew something was off, something was coming up, but never entirely what. There were clues to things that were not right, but the final twist was mind-blowing. A lot of times, in books like these, I end up guessing parts of the story, but in this case, the author did a brilliant job of managing to keep the suspense throughout, keeping the reader hooked on to every word, till the very end. A story that breaks your heart and then heals it, gently. One that ends beautifully, the sadness and the unhappiness tempered with hope. A book I would love, love to recommend!

Thank you, Netgalley & Bookouture for the review copy of this book.

About the Author

Kelly Rimmer is the author of several best-selling books like the Secret Daughter, Me Without You and When I lost you. She is based out of Australia and works in the IT industry when she isn’t writing her wonderful books.

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